Teas, Gifts and Herb Labyrinths

We not only grow veggies, but herbs as well! We’ve had great success selling dried kitchen herbs and loose-leaf teas to those looking for bright flavors during the fall and winter. These are freshly-dried and spectacular gifts!


The loose-leaf tea and kitchen herb blends are dried and mixed at the farm. We are currently selling these at:

Northampton Community College’s Wednesday market from 10-2 – Laub Lounge or Quad
Trexlertown Farmers’ Market on Saturdays 9-1 – Valley Preferred Cycling aka Velodrome
Macungie Farmers’ Market on Thursdays  – Macungie Memorial Park (Walnut St Side)
The Crooked Row Farm Stand – 3245 Route 309 in Orefield – COMING SOON!

We are willing to deliver or mail with a minimum $35 order. We are currently looking for stores and cafes in the Lehigh Valley looking to carry our teas, so please contact us at liz.m.wagner@gmail.com or 610-417-6982 if you’re interested!

Please see my Wholesale Herbs List if you’re looking for larger quantities.

We are constantly growing our herb spread – here is a list of Culinary Herbs and Medicinal Herbs we hope to trial on the property this season!

Tea party, ahoy!

Tea party, ahoy!

Teas Blends: $6 Bag


These teas and their benefits are based on traditional folk remedies,  If you are nursing, pregnant, on medication or have other pressing health concerns, consult your doctor about these and other herbal products before use.

Sunburst – A refreshing tea to help your morning shine on
Anise Hyssop, Lemon Mint, Spearmint, Sage

Dreamswept – The perfect blend of calming herbs for a good night’s rest
Catnip, Feverfew, Lavender, Lemon Balm

Anise Hyssop – A sweet, licorice-flavored tea known to help with colds, coughs and digestive issues

Tulsi Tea – A blend of Holy Basil and other traditional basils used in the Tulsi combination of tea. Sweet and delicious.

Peppermint – Delicious and refreshing, great for digestion and a morning lift

Herb Jars

Individual Herbs: $5 per 2oz Jar, $6.50 per 4oz Jar

Anise Hyssop

Basil, Lemon and Lime

Basil, Sweet

Basil, Thai


Herbs de Provence










Thyme, Lemon

Stay tuned for a growing list of blends and even more herbs!


Specialty Gifts

I’ve always struggled at gift-giving. Trinkets and knick-knacks are cute, but I’m looking for something that won’t collect dust. Something close to home, handmade, and, – dare I say? – tasty. Something that can be used and appreciated but won’t take up permanent shelf or closet space.

It’s part of why I started making the tea blends in the first place, and now why I am sharing the gift of gifts with you. Crooked Row baskets, which can include our veggies, as well as some of the value-added goods from our CSA friends, are available upon request. We’ll rally the items and put it all together for you.

There are lots of opportunities to be a gift-giver of sustainable proportions. Birthday favors? Wedding guests? If you’re looking for sweet, small tokens of appreciation for your crowd, allow me to recommend some living herbs from our greenhouse. Thyme, sage and lavender can showcase your event and continue to remind your loved ones season in and out of your historical occasion. Plus, they’ll smell great on the ride home.

Custom Herb Gifts Photo

Favors are custom-designed with your input. Contact me for prices and details.

Herb Labyrinths

We grow and build mobile Herb Labyrinths, complete with lighting options, for a unique and powerful meditative experience. Plants can be given away as favors, or sold during the event. We have developed this design over the last two years and have set up our interactive labyrinth at the 2016 and 2017 PEX Festival in Maryland, and at the 2017 ArtsFest in Allentown.  Would you like a gorgeous, aromatic and energetic display for your upcoming event? Contact me for details!

artsfest labyrinth







2 thoughts on “Teas, Gifts and Herb Labyrinths

  1. Quick question. I normally purchase our loose leaf teas from Teavana at lvm, however they are quite pricey most times. They sell 2 oz packages. What size are you selling for $5.00?

    • I don’t know why I am just seeing this now! My teas are all herbal, and they are essentially a totally different product than Teavanna – there’s no caffeine, etc. But my bags are about 12-15 servings.

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