Early Morning Running Tour!

So this morning I woke up wide awake before 5am – Back on My Feet style. I texted my favorite team leader back in Philly, mumbled the serenity prayer and our RWA cheer to myself and hit the grass running. I only put in two miles – halfway a tangled pile of netting up in the herb beds derailed me for some time – but I tried to log some veggie shots and other photos of the place we’re calling home.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last night I was talking to my friend/wife Sara, and in the midst of my rambling conversation she stopped me to say that this was the happiest she has heard me in years. I don’t know if it’s the sunlight coursing through my veins, the learning, or the work, but I would have to agree.

-Farmer Liz


3 thoughts on “Early Morning Running Tour!

  1. What great shots! My friend, Carla, pointed me over to your site. I am going to learn all I can from the work you all are doing (and as much as is possible via internet as opposed to in-person!).

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