Herbology 101

Well friends, another week, another market, and other day passes on Keith’s farm.

Scape season is almost at an end – we picked a ton for market, but we are keeping the last few bands intact so the flowers bulb up nicely and we can sell them decoratively and practically – apparently you can use the tops to plant more garlic, too. This morning we threw out a ton of old scapes in a separate compost pile, and we cleaned out the lower barn to prepare for GARLIC SEASON.

That’s right. In addition to the handfuls of squash, tomatoes and peppers we sent to market today, we took a couple lugs of Keith’s actual, world-renowned garlic. And we’re going to start pulling everything out of the field soon. Most of what we pulled for today will sell for $1.75 or $2 a bulb, which makes all of us very happy.

Of course, we’re all going to have garlic in our pores sometime in the next few days that won’t ever come out, and be gross to everyone but ourselves. But it’ll be well worth it.

We cleaned off some more Colorado Potato Beetles from our beautiful potatoes, chased away some deer and groundhogs from various other crops, planted mesclun and lettuces, and weeded everything. Last week I got to spend some quality time using the DR mower to mow the tomato pathways under Keith’s tutelage, and it was totally awesome.

And now, off to tend our own garden spaces – sunflower, cauliflower, brocolli raab and some other treats are on the menu. Photos to come.

For now, enjoy the slideshow of some squash, market, and an herbal tour below – Herbology 101, not just for Harry Potter anymore.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

-Farmer Liz


3 thoughts on “Herbology 101

  1. Are you putting garlic in you pores to protect you from the future invasion of vampires? What does Keith grow for protection you from zombies?

  2. I just spent some time catching up on your blog! It’s fabulous and makes me mad at myself for being too lazy to plant a garden this year. I’m so happy that you are happy. Though we do miss you! (not just your veggies, but YOU!) … Hope to see you soon.

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