Ode To My Mother

If there is one thing my mom hates, it’s public embarrassment.

Seed those onions!

Clearly, I am a bad daughter for this.

Gifts can be tricky for a woman looking to downsize her life – the CCR tribute band already left town, her lifetime chicken collection has been decimated in the move and she was never one for fancy meals.

But if there’s one thing she can and will have, it is an ode to her awesomeness.

Mom Wagner has a lot on her plate – she’s been roped into Greenhouse Visionary/Master of the Weather/Official Weeding, Seeding and Harvesting Partner of Crooked Row, roles she sort of volunteered for without maybe realizing the full scope of the work to come. And she has to deal with me and dearest Father Wagner on the regular – which means she has the mediation skills that specialists need in hostage situations and the patience of saints (like, not just one saint).

Mama Wagner sorting alliums!

She manages a household, keeps us fed, oversees two sets of business nonsense and still plays around in the soil most days. When she’s out in the field she is constantly waging a very active war on the thistles and dandelions, dropping whatever task she has on hand to fork out a couple in passing and sass them for their insubordination. In the greenhouse she seeds to classic rock and talks to our seedlings, reminding them how pretty they are and urging them to come on out and join the party when they’re slow to germinate.

All this, and she hasn't murdered us yet. Just some raspberries.

All this, and she hasn’t murdered us yet. Just some raspberries.

She has always supported my decisions, even if she was wary of them (read: my overall taste in men), and when I told my family I wanted to leave the city and learn to run a farm, she may have had hesitations, but to me was always on board. And once I was moved home to become a thorough leech and stress, she welcomed me with excitement.

It has been so rewarding and fun to spend this much time with her. As a kid I picked a lot of adversarial roles with my parents on the daily. As an adult, having your mother as a business partner AND a mom is as rewarding and satisfying as I could have ever hoped. She’s thoughtful in her decisions and our discussions, she plans ahead and she has altered her routines to what’s best for the farm. She’s thorough and adorable and did I mention that she’s hilarious? Sometimes we have to pause in our worked, doubled over laughing, no less than a gazillion times a day. She’s goofy and sweet and I see what I like about myself in her every day.

She’s spoiled me terribly, though. I don’t want to work with anyone else – especially a man – again.

mom hides from rain

She needs a cape, you know – No rain or potato beetles or blazing sun can keep her down! Super Mom!

So thanks, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day. I know lots of great moms, but there is no one who could put up with my temperament and nonsense, work with me all day – even on those angry and frustrating ones – and still make me coffee and want to hang out and do it all again the next morning. I will never be able to truly express how amazing the last year has been with you, and how excited I am for this one and all the farm adventures ahead. You are my best friend, my guidance counselor, my sounding board, my on-site comedian, my number one partner-in-crime and my rock.

Lady Wagner, The Mom of all Moms. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you.

The coolest.

The coolest.


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