They were diggin’ for something.

“You look so happy.”
“You look so strong and, like, capable.”
“You look so tan!”
“This really seems to suit you.”
“Where’s the broccoli?”

This has been the theme of the last couple months since I’ve fallen off the blogosphere again.

Of course it’s a weedy mess again. It’s July! But I don’t feel that throat-clogging panic of 2013. I feel awesome. Every day I get up – and though it’s a little more of struggle now than previous months to do so – I feel freaking great. I am excited to get over there and get working. Every time I dig my hands into the dirt I feel like I’m learning something and I’m moving forward in the path I’ve chosen. It’s not going to be all farming all the time for me, not forever, but right now is still the high energy work and learn environment.

 I need to hone my skills and get good and streamlined on a handful of vegetables that will be my staples. I want to keep enough of a small variety of everything for my CSA folks, but I don’t need to keep growing some of the same things everyone else is growing. I gotta find my niche. It has taken me some time to get my head around that idea (what do you MEAN bigger isn’t better?), but I think I’ve been figuring that out a lot this year.


Everyone has been so incredible and supportive with this season. Friends get friends to join the CSA. I have market regulars. Though I didn’t stay long at Rittenhouse, I was there enough to meet some great people and feel really excited about working in Center City. Markets in the park are always a good atmosphere for people watching and feedback.

East Falls is chugging along. I love hanging out with Nancy from McCann’s. The Trolley Car Café folks are supportive customers and awesome team players – I eat there, share homebrews and use the facilities (which incused the coffeemaker) whenever I need. Matt from Farm to City said that my stuff looks world’s better than last year’s crops, which is really encouraging. We could always use more customers – spread the word!


And last week I started a Wednesday market in West Mt. Airy, near La Salle, and it made me unbelievable happy. I love that neighborhood and I can’t wait to be there more. The Food Trust is an organization I have always admired, so being able to operate in conjunction with them is really thrilling.

But yes, the weeds. We are tackling sections at a time. Whenever I’m not around my mom goes out and weeds the kale patch. This morning we started the peppers. The later tomato planting needs some breathing room. And I think we had onions at the start of the season, but who can say at this point? Aha. Year two of tiny onions. Sorry, guys. All I can say is that some of them are big. I am getting better at a weeding schedule, but only just. But, hey, every year is progress.

20140607_094116 20140607_094113

I think tonight will be garlic harvest night. I am really looking forward to some garlic-in-the-pores for a day or two.

The walk in has been such a huge asset. It only works if I load the truck right before market, but that’s okay. Vegetable quality is just so enhanced with the cold storage. So grateful to Justin for the help there.

And to everyone. My dear friends pop in to visit and weed and pull garlic and spread encouragement. Green Heron Tools, who are letting me play with their lady-friendly till and bring us such delicious eggs. My aunt and grandma, who are bringing pies and lunch so I don’t have to stop too long to eat and so I can enjoy my life in this way. It is so vital. Donna Wagner is killin’ it every day, even on days when I’m not. Thanks, team.


See you in Philly?

The broadest of smiles, the tastiest potatoes, and all the gratitude this little dirtball can muster,

Farmer Liz

radish and turnips

spring onions

watermelon radish 1 watermelon radish 2

20140531_101800   20140614_103211


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