Constructive Summer

Craig Finn says it best, as usual:
We’re gonna build something, this summer
We’ll put it back together raise up a giant ladder
With love, and trust, and friends, and hammers, this summer.

It’s a little more than the usual Crooked Row farm season spin this time around. We’re rocking the two-day-a-week Blue Mountain Farm Market in Slatington. We’re slinging teas and herbs and eggs at Trexlertown. The CSA is 50+ strong. The chickens and the veggies in Orefield are happy, and the herbs in New Tripoli are flourishing. We hatched a chick! Heck, we even have two acres of grain to harvest, courtesy of a new friend with some antique combining equipment, for the Wayfare Baker and other interested baking parties.


Redeemer Wheat from Red Cat Farm and Danko Rye, growing growing growing in the field.

Did I mention we’re certified organic now? And we’ve picked up some killer help this year, really phenomenal humans who are self-contained and love being around the farm.


And still, that’s not the big news. Here’s the big news:

We’re opening a stand.

When I was a kid, Wehr’s on 309 in Orefield was a spot we all adored. The farm stand had excellent produce, it was right on the way to visit Dad’s shop, and they always had cool animals we could go visit in the back.

Imagine my surprise when, fast-forwarding to 2017, Dolores Wehr sold the property to my parents just as the season picked up.


Admittedly, I’ve had very little to do with the building end of this magical new project in our lives. I’ve been watching Team Clymer and Dad Wagner and all the other carpenter and door guys for weeks and months transform this barn into a store I’ve been daydreaming of now for years.

And on Saturday we throw the doors open.

It’s an aggregated farm stand, my favorite kind, one that highlights the best of what Crooked Row and all our farmer friends have to offer. We’ll have local fruits and veggies, honey, cheese, meat and eggs. We’ll have organic and conventional food, so there’s something for everyone. We’ll have Monocacy Coffee and Wayfare Baker Bread and Lehigh Valley Kombucha. We’ll have all the people I love, in a space we can share, just for you.

3245 Route 309, Orefield, PA 18066.
Weekdays – 10-6
Weekends – 10-3
(Or whenever the sign is out, for you early birds)

So come on out and see what we’ve got to offer. Come enjoy the Lehigh Valley food scene. We’ll only keep growing from here.


Oh yes. The pawpaws are sprouting. ❤

One last note: We built the Herb Labyrinth at PEX again this year, where it was well-received and full of joy and gratitude. Thanks to all who walked the path and all who helped to build it. We’re trying to bring it to Allentown in the fall, folks. Stay tuned.

Yours in Plant Magic,  Herb Labyrinths and Big Farm Dreams,

Farmer Liz


We are our only saviors. We’re gonna build something this summer.


3 thoughts on “Constructive Summer

  1. Bursting with happiness and totally in awe of what you and your tribe have created. As you know, I believe the secret is following your heart until you find yourself exactly where you belong. Well, that and a ton of hard, hard work! Bravo, Liz, BRAVO!

  2. Liz, Congrats! I’ve been passing by once a week and saw the new construction going up and have been looking forward to the Grand Opening. I’ll stop by tomorrow, see you then!

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