Seeds, snow and…snow.

Seed party!

Seed party!

Sure, it’s snowing. But it’s March 1st and that means, theoretically, that this snow will be gone soon. And when that happens these little tykes will be grown and ready to get in the ground.


See? In the greenhouse it’s already starting!

But it is pretty cold, as you know, so I’m doing what I can inside in the meantime. This includes:

-Farming paperwork
Legal documents, insurance forms, market applications, crop rotation planning and farming estimates
Folks keep asking about the CSA, from Mt. Airy in Philly to Schnecksville. That, my friends, is a good feeling.
-Joining Stuff!
Last year I joined the board for farmland preservation in my country, which has afforded me some neat new knowledge and a chance to work toward local green spaces for future generations, which is pretty exciting. This year I’m also trying to be a little more active as a member of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture.

lehigh county farmland preservation

Annnnnnd I joined the National Young Farmers Coalition, which aims to push for legislation and create a community for – you guessed it! – young farmers. And with the growing community of us in this area, I think we’re in for an exciting year together.

national young farmers coalition

-Doing a bunch of things I won’t be able to do in a couple months
This includes reading all the books, taking some day naps, wandering Philly before and after the part-time gig, running as much as possible (Broad Street Run, here I come!), finally watching the fourth season of Game of Thrones, brewing a saison with Steve and getting Little House in order so next week I can actually, properly move in once my job in Philly ends. It’s been a really enjoyable winter. I caught up with a lot of excellent people I didn’t see much of in the last year, and I’m hoping to keep my act together enough during the season to keep this going. I’m putting a start and end time of my days this year – a lot of seasoned farmers recommend doing this, and I think a life outside the field will keep me from getting burned out by August, which has been a reoccurring problem.
-Working on the blog
As you can see, I’m calling this the comeback.

Did I mention day naps? Love, Liz and Arya

Did I mention day naps?
Love, Liz and Arya

Once the snow melts, cover crops will go in and all the spaces in the greenhouse will be tapped to capacity with green. You are most welcome to come visit and get warm.

Look at her. Jess Wagner, professional plow boss.

Look at her. Jess Wagner, professional plow boss.

In the meantime, the Wagner sisters master the plow and I go finish reading my latest fantasy novel. Stay warm!


Happy National CSA Sign-Up Day!

What better day to start blogging for the 2015 season than one that promotes our small, local farm and CSA programs?


We still have some shares available for the 2015 season! Check out the CSA Tabs on the site for more info. Not in Philly or the Lehigh Valley areas we deliver to? Check out the area’s Buy Fresh Buy Local page for other great CSA farm listings! Our current drop-off locations are:

In the Lehigh Valley: Health Habits in Schnecksville, Wagner’s Auto Body in Orefield, personal home deliveries and other locations that would generate enough share-holders to warrant a spot. So rally your friends!

In Philly: Mt. Airy Read & Eat (Wednesdays), La Salle University (Wednesdays), The Support Center for Child Advocates (Wednesdays), The East Falls Farmers’ Market (Saturdays), South Philly (location pending – Wednesdays or Saturdays, TBA).

buy fresh buy local 2

We’re also spectacularly excited to announce our collaboration with St. Luke’s Hospital Quakertown Campus this season! St. Luke’s started to provide its staff with local farm CSA options a couple years ago, and the program has flourished. We’re looking forward to meeting the wonderful folks at the Quakertown campus and sharing some green bounty.

One of last year's half shares, for primavera love

One of last year’s half shares, for primavera love

Welcome back, friends. Sorry to have been away so long. I can’t say it was all farm-related work keeping me from WordPress, or all vacation, but the point is I’m here to share the watershed season with you in 2015, happy green pictures and all!

Okay, not quite green...yet. But we're getting there!

Look familiar? Filling our passive solar bunker, Round II!

seeds in bunker

Okay, not quite green…yet. These onions and greens need a couple more days. But soon. Reallllllly soon.

We have an irrigation system (only three years in the making!). We have proper soil amendments. We have a CSA that we believe will be doubling in production size this year and two growing markets in the city. We’re getting organized for the bigger side projects (here’s looking at you, tea blends), and getting more in the greenhouse earlier.

Snow? What snow? Spring is almost here, folks. Keep your chin up.

easton table

Our table with teas and herbs at Monday night’s Buy Fresh Buy Local Greater Lehigh Valley farm to table event in Easton. Awesome farmers, awesome promotion, awesome night.

I’m off to build some more grow boxes in the greenhouses. We’ve got a lot of greens and herbs to start! Catch up with you again soon.